About Us.

Mazooma is a progressive financial technology company that’s revolutionizing igaming and sports wagering payments in the U.S. We strive to set the standard not just for our company but for our industry.

Why Mazooma.


We’ve been here since the beginning. The leading payments provider in U.S. sports betting, we’ve processed over $35 billion in volume over the last 15 years. And we’ve done it all without compromising our commitment to integrity and ethical gaming.


Our growth and innovation are never at the expense of safety and security. Fully compliant with all regulatory and licencing requirements, we see them not as a burden, but as an integral part of delivering the best solutions on the market.


As a technology company, code is part of our DNA. Our code of values is also part of our DNA. It is our commitment to the Mazooma team and guides how we all work together.

Mazooma Code of Values

Own your role

Know your role.
Master it.
Do it singularly well.
And be accountable for it.

Honor mastery

Our culture is inclusive. We collaborate on the basis that we are each excellent at what we do. We respect the expertise of others. We let our teammates own their role.

Fail to learn

Leading-edge innovation means doing things that have never been done before. Sometimes we’ll fail. That’s good, because we learn from failure. We take what we learn and move on to success.

Change or die

Our prosperity relies on our ability and willingness to see change as a source of opportunity in an often uncertain, fast-moving world. We are open for business because we are open to change.

Solve for success

Mazooma people find solutions where others only see problems. This mentality permeates everything we do. We come ready to solve.

Care to share

What we do in our individual expert roles is integral to the big picture. This only works if we know what our teammates are doing. Communication is critical to our success. Sharing is everything.

Do the right thing

Our record of delivering excellence to marquee merchants and brands is the bedrock on which we build trust. What we do and how we do it affects our reputation. Acting with integrity is paramount.

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