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How Artificial Intelligence Will Revolutionize Online Gaming

Artificial Intelligence has truly revolutionized a variety of industries. Everything from online shopping to digital personal assistants is supported by artificial intelligence—making everyday tasks easier. The online gaming industry has also implemented A.I. to enhance the player’s experience.

Marketing is one of the biggest places where artificial intelligence is used. Artificial intelligence, through product/service searches, can come up with personalized recommendations that not only benefit the customer, but also the company that has implemented A.I. on their platform. In connection to the online gaming industry, A.I. can take into account the behavior of a player and then present them with personalized offers and promos which in return helps in user acquisition and retention. Traditional marketing strategies could be tougher to implement on the internet, that is why A.I. can be an integral part of an online marketing campaign for a gaming operator.

Artificial intelligence is also very important when it comes to security.  Due to personal data enabling the movement of money, players are often concerned about how secure an online gaming platform is. Keeping security in mind, online casinos incorporate A.I. into their security measures to help player verification and the identification of suspicious activities. Analytics Insight reports that some casinos have included extensive recognition measures as part of their A.I. verification process—decreasing the risk of personal information being stolen. Operators also benefit from fraud detection when A.I. is used on a gaming platform.

And finally, possibly one of the most important places where A.I. helps in the online gaming industry is responsible gaming. As A.I. can study a player’s behavior, it can help in tackling gambling addiction at an early stage. A.I. can alert the online gaming platform where it is implemented of a player showing signs of problem gambling—allowing the operator to provide the best responsible gaming solution to its consumer.

Artificial intelligence is still growing, yet constantly being incorporated in various industries due to its way of solving problems and providing solutions. As artificial intelligence becomes more extensive with a human-like factor, it could be the most important component in online gaming as it tackles important issues such as cybersecurity and responsible gaming.

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